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R-Linux is a free file recovery utility for the Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 FS file system
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Vlad This program is increaditably unstable rip-off of the complete version.
Situation: a data partition from WD mybook world which got accedentally repartitioned. Hardware: p4 2.4ghz box with 2gb ram, 2tb sata disk with image of the defect disk, ubuntu. Initial scan goes OK. 4 hours, searching only video (family video). That is OK, but then comes "reading pass" that takes another 2 hours. AFTER that reading pass, program becomes insanely unstable!! Everything WITHIN the program - freezes. According to top, system has enough memory (6gb swap is on). Other three times, program simply CRASHES. I have run cpuburn and memtest on this hardware - its rock stable. I think R-studio just DOES NOT freaking care about "free linux-only" version.

Photorec does the job.

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annabellekayley After my server went down, VirtualLab Data Recovery got all our files within 3 days, while others software took weeks and were at a higher price. This company is very honest and came through as they promised! Our Server had Gigabytes of important Company CAD files, Pictures, Excel sheets, Database and Presentation files. Eric saved my company from disaster. I recommend VirtualLab Data Recovery to anyone looking for SOLID IT Software.

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